The federal government took the first steps toward equal opportunity for minorities in employment.

1 Affirmative Action Affirmative action started forty years ago. The federal government took the first steps toward equal opportunity for minorities in employment. These programs have also been included in higher education and military (Update: Affirmative Action). In today’s society it has caused more problems than solving them. There should not be affirmative action because there is not a need for affirmative action anymore, whites are sometimes the victims of reverse discrimination, and affirmative action makes people question the credentials of minorities. When affirmative action was first introduced it was a big issue. The Civil Rights Movement was on the rise and segregation still existed but that was thirty years ago. We have grown into an equal opportunity America. In a Times magazine poll conducted in 1995 more than eighty percent of whites said affirmative action was needed thirty years ago (Gose). Also, a March 1995 Newsweek poll stated that seventy-five percent of Americans think no preference should be given to blacks in a situation where they are equally as qualified as whites (Public Opinion Turns). Some minorities still think that they are not given an equal chance because of their color. There will always be race and discrimination but America is basically a country of equal opportunity. Immigrants come to America everyday because they know they can be given great opportunities at equality. 2 American people take this for granted. Some use their color to state that is why they were not given the job or accepted into college. They think they are not given a fair chance at anything. Minorities have reached the point where affirmative action is no longer needed. A Newsweek poll asked Americans to predict what would happen to blacks if there were no affirma…

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