The Emergence of International Human Rights Regime in a real

Thesis proposal: The Emergence of International Human Rights Regime in a realist world La plus ?Ÿ??a change, la plus c’est la m?Ÿ?¦me chose.* Abstract Recent developments in the international politics, which have both ceased and contributed to shaping prevalent, universalized norms, are of significant importance, upon pursuit of the study of human rights in an international context. Especially as a result of world wars experiences and in the euphoria of the uncertainty after the Cold War, the establishment of international human rights became inevitable, but the recent political developments and the anarchic nature of international national system challenged the international human rights regime. The main goal of this thesis is to show how difficult it is to establish an international human rights regime in a realist world which is basically run by realist rules of game. Introduction: To begin with, the issue of Human Rights has occupied the international agenda for a long time, and naturally international relations literature has discussed this issue from different perspectives. One of the most important perspectives has been the analysis of Human Rights from International Regime perspective which indeed could hardly find its place in the international politics that by nature and by definition is anarchic meaning the absence of an international government, i.e. the absence of international regime. In spite of that fact, the scholars have not ignored the issue and it has been discussed and to a certain extend the international human rights regime has been able to be applied and implemented in the world politics, for example, the European Convention on Human Rights which came to the agenda that grew the out of the devastation of Second World War. Indeed, The European Convention on Human Rights has its roots in the philosophical tradition of universal rights, which stretches back to the Enlightenment of the 18th century and the Fr…

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