The division in the world among the race

The division in the world among the races always was and will be one of the biggest issues people have to deal with and solve. Many cultures have been affected by persecution of the people who were thought to be “superior” to others. The culture of Native Americans was persecuted, as whites wiped off the Indian civilization from the face of the earth. The Native Americans wanted peace and freedom for their people. The Native Americans did not consider the white way of living righteous for them, they were spiritual and had a different outlook on life, and they did not want interference from the outside world. When Black Elk was a boy and a warrior, he witnessed his village being invaded by the white people. Black Elk describes the life of Indians, which is very spiritual. While still young, at the age of nine, Black Elk had a vision where he was the leader of all his people. He was given a gift from the Great Spirits to save the Indian civilization by driving away the white people from their native land. After the dream, he was courageous and willing to go fight the white people. The deep spiritual significance of the dream came to him when he was older and wiser. The rituals and traditions of the Indians are evident in their beliefs in spirits and the afterlife. Native Americans believed there would be a better life for them after they die. While Black Elk was growing up he was playing games of being a warrior to show how brave and strong they were. As Native American villages were burned down, hatred towards whites grew stronger. Throughout Black Elk’s life, his community was moved from one place to another. Black Elk had visions of his people and ancestors dancing, which symbolized the villages he had to try and save. Black Elk told his people about his visions and they received the strength from the spirits to fight for their land. Black Elk realized he had the power to cure people. When someone close to…

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