The Discovering of Puerto RIco

The Discovering of Puerto Rico? Can this be any be more ironic. Boriquen was the name given to what we today call Puerto Rico and it was already discovered by Arawak Indians. So why do we date the discovery only when the Europeans came into the picture, 1493. Most of us are aware of what the European did to the native Indians and how the brought over the Africans and inslaved them. If we could go back time we would have wished things had been dault in a different, more peaceful way. But since we can’t go back in time we have to accept that now we are who we are because of those events. And since we can’t change the past we should try our best to change the future by not being prejudice. On Christopher Columbus 2nd voyage he brought 17 ships, about 1200 men, stores for round trip voyage of 6 months. Also seeds, plants, animals, tools for agriculture and construction. Obvious that Spain intended to colonize not just explore. But the most important things they brought was language that today is still spoke, religion that is still practice and a way of remembering this of years and years gone by, written history. When he sailed out of Cadiz September 1493, and made a stop at the Canary Islands in October, those who joined him on the second voyage probably had no idea how they would change, and there great great grandkids would be part of such a great nation. Dominica was the first of many island that would be “discovered” found for the first time by European. Followed by Mariegalante, Les Saintes, Desirade, Guadeloupe, Monserrat, Antigua, St. Martin, St. Croix, and the Virgin Islands name after the mythical story of St. Ursula and the 11,000 virgins that were killed by the Hauns when they were visiting the holy shrines of France, Spain, and, Portugal. The first sign for a what we call today Vieques was November 1…

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