The difference between a tabloid and broadsheet paper

In this essay I will be explaining the differences between a broadsheet and a tabloid newspaper. Some of these differences range from the type of language used, to the format of the newspaper itself. Firstly I will discuss the layout of the newspapers. The tabloid newspaper is on A3 paper whereas the broadsheet papers use A2. Tabloid papers also use a lot more front-page space dedicated to pictures and headlines. For example in Tuesday’s The Sun there is a picture of Tracy Shaw, which takes up about a third of the front-page. It also has smaller pictures of Victoria Beckham and David Beckham. In the Times on the same day the main picture takes up less than a quarter of the front-cover. Headlines are also a lot bigger in a tabloid paper as the front-covers main headline took up about half the page. The Times is a lot different as the headline takes up a very small percentage of the page and most of the page is dedicated to writing. The content of a tabloid paper is also a lot different to a broadsheet paper because all of the people featured in the Sun are celebrities and would attract less educated people because there isn’t much text and the use of language is a lot more basic. You can see this when looking at the Tracy Shaw article where it says “”?as she sported a daring new hair-do at a telly bash last night.” This sentence contains a lot of slang and isn’t Standard English. The Times is a lot more difficult to understand and is more for the well-educated person. Here is a sentence from main story of the times: – “The prime minister’s speech this afternoon to the TUC conference in Brighton comes amid a growing row over the Governments plans of private provision.” This has not used any kinds of slang and uses Standard English. The front-page of the Sun features people like Tracy Shaw and David Beckham featuring a story about a row between David Beckham and Mark Kennedy. Whereas The Times picture is of Patr…

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