The determined woman who buries her brother

Antigone Antigone is the tale of a determined woman who buries her brother, Polyneices, who was killed by Eteocles, his brother, during a war in which they had to fight on different sides. After asking her sister Ismene to help her Antigone buries her brother alone and has to confront Creon, who is the leader, who is unhappy with Antigone’s actions. In support of Antigone’s actions over Creon’s, it is the right thing to do by burying her own brother. Creon didn’t want to bury the body because Polyneices was on the opposing side of the war and was fighting to keep Creon off the throne. Polyneices brother Eteocles on the other hand, was given the honorable funeral because he fought and prevailed to put Creon in the throne. Antigone still felt that it was only right to bury her brother’s body, even if it meant her own death by public stoning. Enemy or friend, every person deserves a proper burial, and not to be left for the animals to eat. Creon seemed like a very self-centered man, he didn’t want anyone that didn’t do anything for him to get anything he deserved. Terrorism is an example of how this situation exists today. A man fights for his beliefs, but goes about it the wrong way in this case, and he ends up on death row. The country will persecute anyone who jeopardizes their power in a violent way. The world itself believes that the one with the most power is the safest. When terrorists are caught they are put on trial and if found guilty they, in most cases, end up dead. They do not get the constitutional rights of an American citizen because for one thing they are not American, and they have committed a crime that has killed the lives of many Americans. Terrorism puts a single man or group against an entire country, and is very similar to the situation in Antigone. …

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