The Contagious Virus

The Contagious Virus If given a questionnaire on the first day of high school and one question consisted of a choice to be popular or not, 9 times out of 10, every freshman would choose yes. This phenomenon has been around for centuries and will continue growing until the end of time. No one knows the real reason popularity still exists in our schools, but everyone has their bets on the table. In almost every bet, the answer to this great mystery is to be part of the “in” crowd. But does anyone know what this specific “in” crowd really is about? In my opinion, there really is no popularity contest; it is just an ongoing process that will not stop. So why do kids practically “die” to be well known? Many parents of today’s society believe the kids of today are more violent than ever, especially in school. Why so much violence? A good reason is the contagious virus we call “popularity.” Popularity exists in every school and it is not stopping. Throughout the past few years, this virus has been expanding so rapidly, that I feel it is starting to affect almost every student in the school system. You could ask a 7th or 8th grade child what they want to accomplish in high school and usually the response is “play sports, be popular, and rule the school!” People define “popularity” in many different ways, but in my opinion, it is the opportunity of general esteem, be liked or admired by others, and having many friends. When I say it is an opportunity, meaning, you try you hardest to be liked, be involved, etc. When your challenge happens and becomes reality, it’s like winning an award. Yes, it’s true, the more “popular” you are, the more trouble you can get away with. But society overlooks the real image of a popular individual, especially on T.V. On every T.V. show, talk show, etc. a popular individual is portrayed as a stuck-up, snobby, if-you-don’t-hang-around-me, -I-don’t-talk-to-yo…

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