The coalition granted sovereignty to Iraq.

Two weeks have passed since the coalition granted sovereignty to Iraq. Paul Bremer, America’s ex-proconsul in Iraq, left without plans to return because of the immense number of threats he received while in office. Now, Iyad Allawi is in charge as both Prime Minister and as president. Allawi will remain in power until January when the Iraqi people will have the chance to elect a government of their own by means of a democratic election. Congress has promised 18.4 billion for the reconstruction. However, last week the Supreme Court, on referring to the promise, said ” A state of war is not a blank cheque for the president when it comes to the rights of the nation’s citizens.” The handover of Iraq to the Iraqi people is partial. To begin with, 140,000 American soldiers are still on Iraqi soil and America has not yet agreed on handing over the Iraqi prisoners. Tom Rowan, a 24-year-old student of politics thinks “what George Bush is doing is illegal.” Pete Walters, with 45 and working as a bookman stated “What can Iraq, with all the problems, simply receive 1.8 billion dollars?” In Saddam Hussein’s regime lacked a judicial branch; if America wants to establish a solid democracy in the following years, the army cannot have control over the legal system: an independent branch from the executive “? not the army – must adjudicate the trials. “This handover in a few days is partly symbolic, partly legal, partly substantive. It would plainly be misleading to call it total. But most of all it marks a psychological moment,” argues a journalist for The Economist. Moreover, Peter Smith, a tainted red head cashier at the Seven Eleven, said “I’m am patriot, our boys need 1.8 billions and more, tell you what, if you want to be a real patriot I say, “hand every thing you can”. But is this amount not enough for our men?” Jacob Rise said, “let’s just get out of that mess”. Iraq’s new government now faces …

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