The Chinese culture has been passing down for more than five thousands years.

The Chinese culture has been passing down for more than five thousands years. One of the most famous features is calligraphy invented and developed by the ancient Chinese in about two-hundred years B.C. over the years, Chinese calligraphy have been developed to be more than just a method of written communication. It is a mixture of art and words, a method to cultivate one’s heart and attitude. As a Chinese student who has been study in western culture for many years, I am very interest to see if there are any methods that modern design can combine with the traditional Chinese calligraphy. In this essay I will be discussing the possibility of combing traditional Chinese calligraphy with the modern designs or arts of the twentieth century. The essay will begin by briefly explaining the history of Chinese calligraphy and how it has been developed. This will be an aid to those readers who do not understand much about the Chinese calligraphy. Then the question will be asked if the Chinese calligraphy can be considered as a form of art instead of just another written method. After that I will introduce the modern design and start to explore the ideas of how Chinese calligraphy can be combined with modern designs such as Typography, Graphic Design or other styles of design. I will conclude the essay by proving that Chinese calligraphy can be and is useful to the modern design. History of Chinese calligraphy “Chinese calligraphy is a purely visual language. It is not alphabetical, and every symbol is composed of a number of differently shaped lines within an imaginary square”. (A History of Design, Meggs, 1998, p17) This briefly explained Chinese calligraphy. Chinese calligraphy went through many stages during its development. It was first invented in around 1800 B.C by a man called Ts-ang Chieh. Ancient Chinese used to carve calligraphy on the shells. Therefore it was also called “bone-and-shell” script. The final stage of the …

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