The Cable Guy is a film about a lonely, obsessive cable installer that craves to be some ones friend

Reading Entry: The Cable Guy Written: Ben Stiller Genre: Comedy/Thriller The Cable Guy is a film about a lonely, obsessive cable installer that craves to be some ones friend. When Chip (played by Jim Carrey) meets his new customer Steven (played by Matthew Broderick) Chip’s wild journey of tormenting Steven begins. Chip takes Steven on a wild ride through all types of emotions. From pressuring him to hang out to actually changing Steven to liking him, Chip uses a variety of ways to turn Steven into the same kind of man Chip is. The values and issues that the film looks at are of friendship, loneliness, trust and stalking. The value and issue of friendship is something the “Cable Guy’ is based upon. The freaky cable installer, Chip Douglas is trying to become good friends with his latest customer Steven. The film explores friendship through different, over the top interests that friends would share. Chip always calling Steven, checking up on him and doing favours presents the value of friendship. The Cable Guy also highlights the value of friendship to the audience as a symbol of hope and forgiveness. Throughout, Chip and Steven share there differences under circumstances out of either’s control. After all that happens between them, they manage to reconcile, and mentally share the same beliefs. Loneliness is another issue looked at in the Cable Guy. Chip is a lonely man that the audience can sympathize with at friends. An example of this would be when Chip is shown sleeping in his electrical van, waiting for the morning so he can go out with his new friend Steven. Chip being lonely makes the audience sympathize thought his loose wires in his head create him to be a bit obsessive in which this makes the audience know that Chip is the bad person. The value of trust in the Cable Guy is bought upon highly through out. Chip storing some highly expensive equipment at Stevens house, brings out Ste…

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