The Bombay House Restaurant Experience

The Bombay House Restaurant Experience In the hopes of expanding my mental paradigm as well as finding a new restaurant and five points, I went to the Bombay house with my brother. I was a little worried about trying out this reputable restaurant due to my own personal aversion to Curry. It ends up that my concern was unfounded. My brother and I entered the restaurant around six pm and were pleasantly surprised to be seated within ten minutes without a problem. There were quite a few people coming through the door which led me to believe that this is a popular eatery. Aesthetically the restaurant looked to have an authentically accurate motif and furniture for the country. They had ornate statues and gold colors on the walls and ceilings. The lights were a little low for me; I suppose this set the intimate mood. The staff was dressed with Turbans and had unfamiliar accents which instilled within me a confidence that maybe this would not be a knockoff of what Indian food should be. They moved efficiently throughout our meal and we never once had to stop anybody to make requests. They were extremely hospitable to us. Our waiter was prompt and helpful, although it took a little while to communicate with the fellow as English was obviously his second language. He suggested to us what we could try safely order to break us into the culinary world of India gently. Apparently Indian food is one more delicacy that attempts to destroy ones mouth with intense heat if you are not forewarned. We decided to order the assorted snacks as our appetizer which consisted of vegetable samosa, onion bhaji, chicken pakora and vegetable pakora. For entrees we picked the chicken and lamb coconut Kurma. It is meat cooked with coconut milk, onions, tomatoes, cashew nuts, and spices. We ordered the garlic and onion kulcha which are Indian flat breads to accompany our meal. The entr?Ÿ??e was brought out on an elongated dish put on a bed of rice….

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