The average person spends approximately eight hours of their day at work.

Five days per week, 52 weeks per year, the average person spends approximately eight hours of their day at work. Spending this much time with coworkers requires a great deal of patience on everyone’s part. Each individual has a unique personality which could occasionally impose a bit of conflict. It’s essential that you work together as a team. Although the employees may all have different job requirements, you should all be working in collaboration to achieve a mutual goal. Working at a medical facility can be challenging and demanding at times because the environment is usually at a quick pace. This gets difficult considering we have three different personality types in our office, not including the doctor. Paula, the office manager and secretary who is very outspoken, often shocks me with the words that she uses to express herself. Once a patient was speaking to Paula regarding the passing away of the patients’ husband, and Paula said, “Well at least it happened naturally, just imagine, he could have been hit by a truck.” In Paula’s mind, she was sympathizing with the patient. I was utterly speechless. It was like trying to scream for help during a nightmare. Paula is made of bricks, although she does somewhat have a sensitive side to her as well. She takes most of the phone calls and fits all of our patients in the schedule in a timely and appropriate manner. Jen, the billing and coding director, takes care of all the patient and insurance charges. She was a former office manager for another office within the hospital. Sometimes this causes conflict between her and Paula. Imagine yourself working under somebody’s rules again if you were previously a manager. Jen is somewhat outspoken similar to Paula, but to a certain degree. She speaks the truth and tells it like it is, but in calm and straight to the point manner. Most patients are appreciative of this. She has extensive knowledge in this field. I am Dr. Smiths’…

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