The , art and poetry and the way people lived their lives was all structured, patterned, and rhymed.

Make it New Throughout American history, art and poetry and the way people lived their lives was all structured, patterned, and rhymed. However with the dawn of the Naturalistic period, a gloom had covered the skies of the American Dream, and the American Dream had actually turned simply into nothing but a dream. With the teachings of Mark, Freud, Darwin, and Einstein’s theory of relativity, people were frightened. They were frightened with the loss of control they once had, or thought they had over their lives. Life was so complex and there was no means of expressing one’s self. There was finally an establishment of miscommunication throughout society and all seemed doom. And so comes the period of revival, Modernism. People who seek to focus around man’s fear of isolation, to re-invent a style, form, art, and to make things new, are modernists. “Make it New!” was their slogan. They want form to follow function, an art that would explain the complexity of modern life, and through this art, revive those who had lost themselves. These artists believe not in meter and rhyme. They believe that the primary function of art is to help man understand himself. Literature is no longer looked at for pleasure or entertainment, but as a sort of religious way and mean of helping man find himself. It is now the artist’s “divine duty” to order the chaos of a world that is out of control. Rhyme and scheme are no longer part of the structure of poetry because there is no longer a structure. There is free verse. Modernists believe that there is a need of an art that will wake people up from the “dead”. There is also the belief of more than one truth. Objectivity is lost. This also plays into the early nineteenth century literature, where there is a loss of objectivity and a gain in unreliable narrators because of this. There is state of uneasiness, as the question of how can one can connect with another is they do not have one commo…

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