The American public has recently become increasingly exposed to the multitude of dieting trend.

The American public has recently become increasingly exposed to the multitude of dieting trends now available. Feeding into the fad is the constant media portrayal of thin, healthy bodies, alerting the public to the physical and psychological need to be thin and fit. Many different varieties of diet plans are now available and each carries its own set of rules, success rates and health risks. As societal pressure influences more and more Americans to sport the “ideal body” our research has shown that the most healthy and successful way to diet is to be conscientious of eating healthy foods and exercising regularly. In today’s society, it is a common perception that appearances are everything, and it is a harsh truth that one never gets a second chance to make a first impression. There are so many things that factor in to the need or desire to diet. Among the most common of these are intense peer pressures and an overwhelming need to fit in with one’s friends and family, current media trends, and seasonal pressures. Additionally, certain professions influence or maintain that individuals be of a certain body weight or fitness level, causing a need to diet if the desired weight is not achieved. We will examine examples of each of these diet motivators. Individuals begin to become aware of themselves as different from others at an early age, and that awareness develops and can really come to a head in the often-awkward pubescent years. Teenagers find themselves immersed in a world of diversity with so many images and truths being preached at them. They take refuge in the only place of solace they can, their friends and family. The ideals and habits that they have grown up with carry a huge influence on the teen, as does their peer group. Social acceptance must be achieved at any cost, because the last thing a teen wants is to draw embarrassing attention to themselves that sets them apart from the crowd. The media is…

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