The American Dream

This week we will begin writing Essay 3, “The American Dream.” This is an essay specifically written in response to one of two course readings on the pros and cons of Affirmative Action. Choose to respond to one of two personal essays, “It’s Class Stupid” on p. 518 or “The Case for Affirmative Action,” on p. 521 in the course textbook.” Be sure to include the title and the author of the essay within the introduction and thesis statement of Essay 3. Remember in MLA, the thesis statement is one or two concise sentences, and it is placed at the end of the introduction (introductory hook, connecting sentences, thesis statement). “The American Dream” by responding analytically to one of the two argumentative essays, “Its’ Class, Stupid”The essay should be two to three pages long and 800 words minimum with a Works Cited page on the final page of the submission. For other details regarding Essay 3, please review the course syllabus. “The American Dream” is due on Monday, April 18, 2016 by 11:00 pm. It is an analytical essay in response to the issue of equal opportunity as presented in one of the argumentative essays, “It?s Class, Stupid!” or “The Case for Affirmative Action.” As support for your response include words, phrases, or sentences from one of these two nonfiction articles. The minimum word count is 800 words and the maximum is 900. The essay must contain a one sentence thesis statement, three or more body paragraphs with evidence to support the thesis, and a one paragraph conclusion which is drawn from the evidence. The paper needs to be in MLA format and submitted to this designated Turnitin link for credit. The sentences or words from the selection used in this essay must be parenthetically cited within the body of the essay, itself, and listed in MLA format on a Works Cited page on the final page of the submission.

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