The American and French revolutions where there was reform in the social, economic and political systems.

During the early Romantic period, there was many revolutions including the American and French revolutions where there was reform in the social, economic and political systems. During the Romantic period one of the major changes was the transformation of one’s perception of his/her world. William Wordsworth and John Keats are two of the many major Romantic poets that had a very influential effect during this period of Romanticism. Throughout there poems both poets use nature to criticize society and the attempts to change. In Wordsworth’s poem “Lines written in Early Spring”, there are several references to nature. Wordsworth uses animals, trees and air to depict an image of the reality that he lives in and its conflicts. Keats’s poem “To Autumn” also has references to nature in the case of the numerous amounts of conflicts arising around the world using depictions of fruits, vegetables, animals and a reaper. Both Wordsworth and Keats criticize reality from their own perspectives by combining the human senses and nature to recreate the reality they experience in the reader’s mind. The nature in Wordsworth’s poem “Lines written in Early Spring”, the use of nature and human senses such as hearing helps one develop a picture in his/her mind of the reality Wordsworth experiences. In the first stanza “I HEARD a thousand blended notes,”(1). The sounds can refer to sounds of war, guns firing, bombs exploding and people dying. “While in a grove I sate reclined,/In that sweet mood when pleasant thoughts/Bring sad thoughts to the mind”(2-4). Wordsworth is constantly thinking about society and its issues because even when he sits down in a pleasant mood he still thinks about the issues thus bringing sad thoughts to the mind. In stanza two “And much it grieved my heart to think”(7). Wordsworth mourns because his reality is confined within all these social and political conflicts. Wordsworth wishes to escape f…

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