The African Americans and the United States Civil War

The African Americans and the United States Civil War: from slavery to freedom. From the beginnings of civilization there have been slaves, for political or religious reasons, but with the expansion of the big western empires to Africa a new form of slavery came into play, slavery based on racism. From the coast of Africa thousands, millions of Africans were commerced to the Americas as the working hands of this new territory. After the independence of the United States from England there was a hope of change for the slaves that have been working the North American lands for decades. A new revolution would come that will ultimately put the black men of America in the spot. By the time of the Declaration of Independence the northern states had become free states, no more slaves working in plantation but a new form of economy rose up: the industrial wage worker. Blacks were learning how to use steel, wood, were becoming self sufficient families, more artisans were needed since the life style of the north was changing. Families had their own house, women worked as maids and kids went to school. The children’s role was more of an affective type than of a worker. Meanwhile in the southern states everything was pretty much the same as before, slavery was the basis of the economy. It seems that the blacks’ situation became a little better since if the southern slaves were to escape and get to a north free state they would automatically be free. This was an issue that southern whites were worried about, the slaves were their property and by them being free just because of crossing some state borders was a huge income loss. So they took this to the Supreme Court arguing that the slaves were their property and they should not be able to loose their property just because the northern states are free states. The Supreme Court then created the Slave Fugitive Law, which said that any fugitive from the South that goes to the North should be…

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