The Acorn People – Benny B.

Benny B. is a character in the book The Acorn People by Ron Jones. He is a strong person that shows great prowess. At camp Wiggin he gets a chance to have his dreams come true. Unfortunately Benny B. has polio. Although this is true Benny B. is a speed demon, weari8ng his crash helmet he speeds around camp using his upper body strength. Benny is always pressuring himself to do better. He is also brave, independent, determined, and excitable. Independent and brave, these words greatly describe Benny. Benny is able to climb Lookout Mountain all on his own. Earlier Ron had looked back on the time Benny cried when he helped him use the bathroom. There were many situations Benny had to overcome to be independent. This showed he had great morale. Another characteristic of Benny is his determination. Including the occasion when he wanted to wheel up Lookout Mountain himself. He was successful at that too. Benny was also determined for the rights of others. He helped make everyone feel welcome by making acorn necklaces for them. By doing that it showed he was determined to make people feel united. This showed Benny had a gargantuan heart. Benny B. was very excitable. He was this way about the expedition of Lookout Mountain, he couldn’t wait to go. He was excited about making the necklaces too. He kept asking Ron what he was doing and when he found out that he was making an acorn necklace he decided to make one also. Benny was very talkative too. One thing Benny was never excited about was girls, he didn’t have a girlfriend in the integrated swim. In conclusion, Benny was a strong-willed young person. He never gave up. Constantly showing people that they are wanted. Benny would make a great leader or coach. Benny never gave up and was very special. …

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