Telepsychology incorporates the provision of psychological services by text, e-mail, telephone, and other electronic means. Convenience for both the client and the therapist, and cost effectiveness are some of the major advantages of telepsychology. But, does it also have the potential for violating ethical and legal standards? This week, your task is to examine the ethical concerns that may exist in providing telepsychology with specific focus on addressing the needs of special populations. Specifically, you are to: 1-Select three special populations from the following list: Immigrants with ESL needs Children Older adults 2-Explain general issues that arise from dealing with diverse, multicultural individuals. As part of your explanation, analyze reasons why these individuals might seek assistance through telepyschology. 3-Explain the ethical guidelines for dealing with mental health delivery services to special populations. As part of your explanation, indicate any particular ethical challenges that could occur in a telepsychology session. 4-Finally, provide three recommendations for mental health professionals who may wish to incorporate telepsychology methods in working with diverse clientele. Support your assignment with at least three references from peer-reviewed academic journals.

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