Tax Inversions

Read article and write a response using Microsoft Word addressing the questions above. You are welcome to use another outside source/sources. Remember that you can also use the online WSJ website searchbar and input search terms to see any related articles that have been published in the last 90 days. Just remember to cite your source at the bottom of your article response. Your Turn It In similarity % should be less than 15%. Article (Images uploaded for both articles): Taxes Drive Potential Merger of Pfizer, Allergan The WSJ announced earlier last week that US company Pfizer pharmaceuticals was in talks with Ireland’s Allergen to pursue a $100 billion takeover that would result in a tax inversion and result in lowering the company’s corporate taxes. Other US companies have also been implementing tax inversions recently. For example last year a tax inversion occurred when Burger King relocated their corporate headquarters from Miami, FL to Canada. See Miami?s own Burger King will be merging with Tim Horton?s Answer the following questions in the form of an essay with over 600 words (not including references). *What is a tax inversion? *What does a US company have to gain by implementing a tax inversion? *Is this a form of tax avoidance or tax evasion? Explain why. *What are the ramifications of these tax inversions for the US and cities like Miami?

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