SYLLABUS: Term Paper/Presentation (30%) Purpose: D Essay Assignment Help

my topic is(INTERNATIONAL HUMAN RESOURCES PRACTICESTHE IMPACT OF ORGANISATIONAL CULTURE ON MANAGERIAL PERFORMANCE IN MULTINATIONAL CORPORATIONS ) I prefer to get the first two points which are :1- A Brief Rationale behind the Research Objectives2- Formulation of the Research Question (RQ) highlighting specific objectives and sub-objectivesBy the 10th of DEC to show them to my supervisor before continuing the rest f the proposal I also prefer the quantitative methodology to collect dataI will upload my friend proposal from The Proposal 60% submission last week of term.Proposal Content2500 words.Format (see below)12 point font, single spacing (do not double space).ReferencesReferences (peer reviewed) to support the development of your research question are required. These references should include articles on your chosen methodology as well as articles appropriate for your literature review.ProposalFailing to achieve a satisfactory proposal will require you to resubmit.FormatThe Research Proposal should include the following 5 elements: A Brief Rationale behind the Research Objectives: Here you should outline why the particular research objectives and area of research is important (to practitioners and/or the academy NOT to you!! This is used to underpin the justification for your research report for an audience. Formulation of the Research Question (RQ) highlighting specific objectives and sub-objectives: The research question/ problematic is provisional at this point. The RQ will be further developed, refined and/or indeed in exceptional circumstances altered as you proceed. By developing RQ s in your proposal you will receive feedback regarding its coherence. It is important that you attempt to develop the intended research question to its full potential as early as possible. Depending on your stance in relation to the philosophy of research you may aim to state your research questions as hypotheses. Proposed Research Methodology that will meet with the requirements of the Research Question. The proposal must highlight possible data collection methods: This section requires you to give some thought to the operational side of your research. Research often takes a radical turn when the researcher discovers that their well-crafted research question cannot easily be researched. One question you might ask yourself is how can I collect data on this question? A detailed Literature Review reflecting the current Body of Knowledge existing on your topic: Evidence must be shown in your proposal that you have given consideration to the theoretical context from which your question emerged. Evidence of reading, outside the assigned literature in this course outline, is important as it forms the backbone of your Research Question. The Research Project Schedule: This section details the proposed schedule of work up until submission & is designed to ensure each researcher factors their available time into their research proposal. Assigned TextbooksN.B. REQUIRED READING IN ADVANCE OF CLASS ?Saunders M., Lewis P. & Thornhill A. (2009), Research Methods for Business Students, 5th Edition, FT Prentice Hall, 2009.Hogan J., Dolan P. & Donnelly P. (2009), Approaches to Qualitative Research Theory and Practical Application: A Guide for Dissertation Students, Oak Tree Press, 2009.Please use Word References tools for bibliography , citation and Table of contents

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