SWOT Analysis – Healthcare

The focus of the assigned readings this week is Strategic Planning and Management. For this Discussion Board you are to complete a SWOT analysis based on a current situation launching and integrated behavioral Health program in a primary care clinic. Consider the clinical, operational and financial strategies for the design of your integrated behavioral Health program in the Toolkit. Instructions The Open Minds powerpoint presentation “Strategic Planning – A Structured Approach to Directing Resources to Achieve Your Organizational Objectives” is a very nice review of many relevant concepts and steps in strategic planning. (ATTACHED) The Chapter 5 “Strategic Planning and SWOT Analysis? (attached) provides a simple overview of how to conduct a SWOT analysis in Healthcare. You should use the SWOT analysis steps in this chapter to complete your own SWOT analysis for this discussion board (see “Instructions” below). The article “Implementation Strategies for Collaborative Primary Care – Mental Health Models will also be helpful in developing your strategic plan. (Attached) Instructions Complete a 1 page SWOT analysis related to one or more of the clinical, operational or financial strategies in the Toolkit (attached). Simply list a minimum of 2-3 Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats for the topic that you pick. I am more interested in seeing you use the SWOT analysis to help guide your strategic planning than I am in a detailed, lengthy SWOT analysis. For this exercise less is more! You do not have to use a grid, simply list under the SWOT headings 2-3 items for each element of the SWOT. Also, do not worry about using the “Internal” and External” dimensions in the chapter 5 “Strategic Planning and SWOT Analysis”.

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