Sustainability & Environment

A portfolio that consists of three (3) different topics on sustainability – (2) of them are related to Jordan (Middle East Country) 2000 words Topic 1 – The effect of the Red Sea-Dead Sea Conveyance project on Jordan’s Sustainability. 2050 Words Topic 2- The effect of the Syrian crisis and Syrian refugees on Jordan’s Sustainability. 2000 Words Topic 3- Short Food Supply Chains (SFSC)- What is it? How it affects food sustainability and security? (Not Related to Jordan, discuss it by using other case studies and countries). -Sustainability includes (Social, Economic & Environmental issues, which all should be considered. -Please Use a simple but professional language. -All research should be based on critical analysis of different opinions by scholars and professionals. – Excellent critical analysis is expected. – The use of Journal Articles is necessary. – Topics above are not the exact titles to be used, but I used them to explain the topics. – Plagiarism Check is required. – Please don’t use any weak or inappropriate references. – Do not put the references of the three topics all together, keep them separated (Each topic followed by its references)

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