Surrounding circumstances of soilders going AWOL

12pt times new roman one inch margins The assignment is to pose a interesting question at issue about what you see as the truth of the novel, ‘The Yellow Birds’ by Kevin Powers. The essay indentifying and arguing what ‘Truth’ about the war powers is concerned with sharing to his audience. Ch. 3 March 2005 Kaiserslautern, Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany. Here’s what the paper should flow with coherence to the subject of AWOL How many soilders have gone AWOL since the start of the Iraqi war and what were the surrounding circumstances for there walking away, what kind of lifestyle are they living now for example the consequences and family and job life. Also include things like resistance to the war family issues sucide. A historical context of AWOL in American Wars as well. Eddie Slouik story of being shot by a firing squad for going AWOL Make it flow with coherence to this subject area

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