supplier evaluation

Scenario: You have recently been appointed as Procurement Manager of a large automobile manufacturer based in Geelong. Due to the design of a new model for a car you are required to oversee the procurement of some of the new materials required for the interior of the car that includes fabric for the seats, components for the dashboard and the buttons used to control the electric windows. The Case study Supplier evaluation should discuss the main issues that need to be considered when obtaining expressions of interest and pricing models, including the following topics: Place each of these materials in the Kraljic Matrix and explain why. Discuss the sourcing strategies that can be used for procuring these new materials. Discuss the supplier selection criteria. Provide a negotiation method for the procurement department, and point out the main points to be discussed for the contract. Give a risk analysis on the sourcing strategy. What models and frameworks can be used to evaluate the EOI’s? As part of your Case study Supplier evaluation you must explain how best practice can be achieved and what strategies could be used that relate to the different product groups based on the Kraljic Matrix. It is important that you have undertaken research that applies to the automobile manufacturing industry that is supported by relevant examples and references to highlight your understanding of these issues.

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