Sultan Selim III, one of the Sultans of the Ottoman Empire.

I am Selim III, one of the Sultans of the Ottoman Empire. I am a successor of my father, Mustafa III. I have eleven wives but had no children. During my reign of eighteen years, I experienced victories, but also suffered many severe defeats. I came to throne during the war with Austria and Russia and created the Turkish army, navy and infantry units. I was imprisoned by those who opposed my reformation and I was killed soon after I was dethroned. I have led the Ottoman Empire with fair and justice. I was born in Istanbul on 24th of December, 1761. I was the son of Sultan Mustafa III and Mihrisah Sultana. Soon after I was born, my father died leaving me as his successor. Since I was much too young to be a sultan, my uncle, Abdulhamid I, ascended the throne in place of my father. He took good care of me and put great emphasis on my education. I grew up becoming very well educated. After my uncle’s death, I was enthroned on 7th April, 1789 in my 28th year. I am a very religious and I consider myself as a patriotic young man. I was fond of literature and calligraphy. My work was put on the walls of mosques and convents. People think I am a talented poet, musician and a composer. I also speak Arabic and Persian fluently. My people respect me and they are hopeful about my administrations. As a modern man and reformist ruler, I attempted to reform and modernise the Empire. I have led many of his armed forces in battles and wars. I suffer severe defeats in the second Russo-Turkish Wars with Catherine II, but I suffered no major territorial losses when peace was made at Jassy in 1792. As a keen and reformist ruler, I set out to rebuild the Turkish navy on European lines and to reform the army. In 1798, I joined the second coalition against France in the French Revolutionary Wars. Turkish forces lost Jaffa to Napoleon Bonaparte. Napoleon had invaded Syria in 1799 and took over Egypt, but I forced Napoleon to retreat. In 1806 war w…

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