students are required to evaluate their performance of a selected volleyball skill.

Through this assignment students are required to evaluate their performance of a selected volleyball skill. They will compare their skills to that of the elite volleyball players. From there, they will analyse and make recommendations on how they are best able to improve their ability to complete this skill, in relation to the biomechanical principles. The skill I have chosen to analyse and evaluate my performance on is dig. There are three key sections to the execution of the dig; these are the preparation, the execution and the follow through. In preparation the player is required to place their feet in an easy stride position, with feet shoulder-width apart, and bent knees. They then lower their upper body towards the floor, keeping hands and arms together, with their forearms nearly parallel to their thighs, positioning themselves to face their target. Abduction is the term used to describe the movement of the players bone away from their centre of gravity, this is seen when their feet are moved to a shoulder-width apart. In this action the player also widens their base area of support, at the same time lowering their centre of gravity and making themselves more stable. The execution involves placing the heels of the hands together with the thumbs parallel in a supination movement. The player then reaches towards the ball further lowering their body position. They are now ready to play the ball, to do this they cushion the force by dropping their shoulder closest to the target, transferring the weight forward and extending towards the ball. By doing this, they direct the ball height towards the centre of the court, flicking wrists or flexing elbows also helps to gain height. The movement of the elbows and the wrist in this example is called a hinge joint and requires these bones to move in only one direction. This is why it is wise that a player should understand the importance of flexion, the movement in which the pla…

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