Student notes for Part 1 You need to conduct a chi-square analysis of the data supplied by the DE100 module team and write up the results of that analysis. This will form the Results section of your DE100 project report. Note: For the purposes of this as

DE100 project: using the online tool (TMA 04) The results of this analysis need to be reported in TMA 04. It is essential that in your assignment you do not report the analysis based on the data you collected, but instead use the material from the TMA 04 assignment pages. You should now follow the same steps as on the ‘DE100 project: using the online tool’ page, but using the data provided by the module team in the TMA 04 [Tip: hold ? and click a link to open it in a new tab. (Hide tip) ] assignment guidance. As before, the row and column labels have been entered into the table, and you should use these to work out where you need to place each of the four values. For example, the number of participants from the experimental condition who said they did like the logo should be entered into the top left empty cell in the table. Once you are satisfied that you have put the values in the correct locations, click the button marked ?Calculate?. Once you?ve done so, the online tool will calculate the chi-square value ( small chi to the power 2 ) , timesdegrees of freedom (df), number of participants (N), probability value (p) and value of Cram?r?s V (V) and display these beneath the table. You can use the online tool as many times as you like, so don?t worry if you make a mistake that you want to correct: you can simply re-enter the numbers and click ?Calculate? again. You will need to make a copy of this contingency table and the four statistical values, as these will be needed in the Results section of your report. In the next online activity, you will learn more about writing up and interpreting results, but before you do so, you may want to spend some time thinking about what these results mean. Are they significant? What is the effect size? Was the experimental hypothesis supported?

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