strategic case analysis

OUTLINE AND REQUIREMENTS In this assignment, you will assume the role of management consultant, who has the role of conducting a strategic case analysis of a large company, and providing the company with recommendations for improved long-term performance. You are required to conduct a strategic analysis of this business or organization. This should involve external and internal environmental scanning, including PESTEL, Five- forces analysis, Stakeholder analysis, internal strength-weakness and SWOT analysis. Your assignment should include an analysis of the major problems or issues faced by the company, and conclude with recommendations to assist the company in dealing with its major strategic problems (or, if the company is currently successful, focus on the continued improvement of the company in the longer term). Recommended issues to discuss in the major assignment. These are recommended issues only. You may combine some of these issues, leave some out if they are not relevant, or add other issues if appropriate. 1. Executive summary (cover page, summarizing the main points of your 2. A brief description of the organization, including its name and the type of 3. An external analysis (at the industry/macro-environment levels). For 4. An internal analysis. For example: 5. A ƒ??Five-forcesƒ? analysis of the industry the organization is based in. Apply 6. How will the organization address the four generic building blocks of strategic analysis, as below). business (what products or services it provides), as well as the type of staff, the number of staff, the number of branches etc. example: a) Current and potential opportunities and how they may be taken advantage of. b) Current and potential threats and how they might be overcome or minimized. If relevant, discuss the impact of national culture and conditions on the organization. a) strengths and how they will be used , b) weaknesses, and, if possible, how they might be overcome or minimized this model to discuss how you can maximize the competitive advantage of the organization. competitive advantage: efficiency, quality, innovation, and customer responsiveness? 7. Discuss the distinctive competencies of the organization. 8. Does the organization have a differentiation strategy? Discuss. 9. If relevant, discuss any strategic alliances that may benefit your 10. Should the organization go global? Why/why not? If yes, how will this be 11. Based on the above, what are the major problems or potential problems the 12. Based on your analysis of the major problems or potential problems, what organization. achieved organization should address? are your recommendations for the organization?

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