story telling significance to be around for so many years

Peter Pan, written by J.M Barrie, is obviously of some story telling significance to be around for so many years. Some of the movies based on the original story of Peter Pan are: Disney’s Peter Pan (1953), Disney’s Return to Neverland (2001), Hook (1991), and P.J Hogan’s Peter Pan (2003). These movies are few of the many that have entertained both adults and children around the world. J.M. Barrie the author of the original Peter Pan (1904) is a Scottish playwright and novelist. He began writing novels in the 1880’s and wrote more than 35 plays. He originated Peter Pan (1904) from the story The Little White Bird (1902). He was mainly known for writing realistic stories with the exception of Peter Pan which was his best known story. Disney’s Peter Pan (1953) was an animated film about a boy who wouldn’t grow up. The story begins in the London nursery of Wendy, Jon, and Michael Darling. In their imaginations they dreamed of Peter Pan who they thought was just a fairy tale. Much to their surprise they were visited by Peter Pan who was in search of his shadow. With the help of Tinker Bell, Peter’s fairy, they fly to Neverland. Neverland, an island in the star, is home to Peter, Tinker Bell, The Lost Boys, Tiger Lily, her Indian tribe and Captain Hook. Captain Hook wants to defeat Peter just as much as the ticking crocodile that bit his hand off. The production was founded by Walt Disney who saw the play and the silent film then wanted to make an animated film. He planned the animated film version in 1985. In 1939, the rights owner of the story gave Walt permission to use the story. In 1940 they began the storyboards and in 1941 the story structure was almost finished. WWII slowed production until 1949. This animated film was the first time Peter was played by a boy. Real people and props were used to animate the film. Many people think that Marilyn Monroe was the model for Tinker Bell, but it really was …

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