Sport plays a major role in my life.

Sport plays a major role in my life. Everything about it, from the atmosphere of a game to the personal influences one can have on a game; I find it very enjoyable to watch or to be a part of. I come from a very sport orientated family. My father and his two brothers all played for West Adelaide Bloods. My mother did calisthenics and played netball for many years, therefore this shows just how sporty my family really is. When I was four I began calisthenics and did that for five years. By doing calisthenics for that long I received an award. Also I started swimming at four and finished that when I was 8. At seven I began netball and basketball. I played for the Junior Netball Club and Basketball Club While I lived in Canada I played softball. I couldn’t really skate well so I decided to give ice-skating a miss and softball a go. The following year after Canada I didn’t play any sport. I didn’t really enjoy that year as I was at a new school and I am an active, outdoors person and was unable to participate in any team. When I was eleven years old I began to play netball again for Saints Angels. Later that year I began to play for Sub Junior three. At the moment I am still playing for Saints U/17’s. For the last two years and now this year I have been selected in the South Australian United Church Netball Association team. When I was in the U/13 team we went to Tasmania, last year we stayed in Adelaide and this year we are going to Queensland. This competition happens every year in the term three holidays. Honestly I don’t have any sporting hero like many people do, but I do look up to my cousin. I guess because he is my cousin and quite famous I admire him for what he has achieved in his life. I also admire my brother. When it comes to sport he is a fair, modest person and I think that’s a great quality to have. I hope that in the future my sporting abilities can take…

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