Sport of Wrestling

The day is Wednesday and Friday is just around the corner, the big day is almost here. All the wrestlers know that it is the last hard practice of the week. Every one of them have to work extra hard to get their weight down. At the beginning of practice the whole team stretches out together, and goes for a three-mile run to get their sweat going. Shortly after the run is done, each wrestler grabs a partner and starts to drill the basic moves. Each wrestler never stops moving, because every one of them is trying to get their weight down. A mistake that many wrestlers make is that when they drill, they drill to lose weight, instead of drilling to perfect the moves. Right after the drilling is done the team gets into groups of four, and they start to wrestle. While wrestling their teammates, their body is dripping with sweat and their muscles are telling them they cannot go on any more. The whole time they are telling themselves to keep going, because in the end they know that it will all be worth it. The coach calls a five-minute water break, so that everyone can have some energy before the last hard set. After doing about a hundred of (push-ups, sit-ups, jumping jacks and squats) the coach finally calls six-minute gables. This is the last exercise of the practice; each person on the team is feeling the pain in his or her legs. Every single one of them wants to quit, but they all realize that quitting will not benefit them in the long run. The coach calls out one more minute, for some reason the whole team gets a burst of energy, and every one of them is Even though the sweat is dripping and stinging their eyes they know that they must not stop. The whistle blows, and a sigh of relief come out of the wrestlers. After that, the team brings it in and they get a break. Practicing this hard helps a wrestler become better. The most important skills needed to be a successful wrestler at any level are proper stance, mastery…

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