Sometimes certain situations may have you trapped.

Entrapment Sometimes certain situations may have you trapped. Not just the decision to make a choice between right or wrong, but the color of ones skin or the age of someone may have them trapped against their will. In “Barn Burning” by William Faulkner, Sarty must deal with the sociopath intentions of his pyromaniac father. He wants to make a choice between right and wrong but, his age and social/economic status cause a problem of what if for him. Almost the same goes for Delia, who is the wife of an abusive husband that is of such low moral fiber he does not pay for anything, yet will take what she has paid for and give it to his adulterating girlfriend. She also has other problems like Sarty, such as social/economic problems, but also has the predicament of being black and living in the south in the first half of the twentieth century. First, Sarty and Delia both have to deal with men in their lives that are abusive. Sarty’s father is sociopath that has it in for every person that has more than him. He feels that they have done him wrong in some light by being blessed with more than what he has. “He struck the gaunt mules two savage blows with the peeled willow, but not without heat. It was not even sadistic,” describes Sarty of his father’s unpleasant aura. Abner was not intentionally vicious; it was just him being his naturally coarse self. Delia dealt with her share of brutal treatment in the hands of Sykes, her husband of fifteen years. Along with a kick to her legs, Sykes states, “Gimme some kivah heah, an git yo’ damn foots over on yo’ own side! Ah oughter mash you in yo’ mouf fuh drawing dat skillet on me,” to Delia while getting into bed hours after an argument where she drew a skillet in defense. The kick and statement that followed shows the complete lack of respect that he has for Delia and a preview to his abusive nature. Next, Sarty and Delia must…

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