sold to the man in the yellow shirt

SOLD! TO THE MAN IN THE YELLOW SHIRT We are the curse Of the once-clean Earth. What may seem our friend May spell out our end. Looks can be deceiving, And ours certainly are the most. Look at what we have done? I cannot see it for you, oh no, You must behold it for yourself. We, I hope , have learned our part And let the next generation take to heart Mother Earth is crying Mother Earth is dying Mother Earth is DEAD. By Janice Wilson CVR Sold to the Man in the Yellow Shirt The first two lines are saying that human beings, technology, our “use-what-we-need”, “waste-the-rest” philosophy are the source of our problems. I think we need to start realizing this more than ever. Our arrogant attitude toward the earth’s destruction is a huge part of the problem. We really need to understand how we are stripping our earth of its natural resources. “Looks can be deceiving….” is very true. Our advancing technology is, at first look, miraculous. People are living longer healthier lives. People who would have died ordinarily now can be artificially sustained, antibiotics can now kill bacteria that might have ordinarily killed someone. But at a closer look these ‘miracle’ technologies can have a huge impact on the world. The world’s population is increasing at an alarming rate. Can Mother Earth supply us with all the things that we demand of her? Nature had a flawless system of natural selection, only the strong survive, but emotional attachment has prompted us to find cures or prevention of diseases in an effort to save loved ones. Where do we draw the line? Are we abusing the system? Are we getting too smart for our own good? Will technology eventually overtake us? The author is right in saying we can only behold what we have done, for ourselves, is it really possible? It has to be, we can’t continue like this. Our level of awareness needs to be heightened, we need to understand what we have done and are doing as well as what …

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