Smoking:comparison and contrast

“We are your neighbors, your friends, your co-workers, your family. We teach, we drive busses, we own businesses, we work in the stock market, we check out your groceries, we put out your fires, we come when you have an emergency, we build your cities, we fly your planes, we entertain you, we nurse you, we fight your wars to protect your freedoms, we worship the same god.” People have divided themselves into two categories. One of which they smoke and one of which they don’t smoke. Even though they live in the same world and do the same things, they are still divided. By the one little four inch, tobacco filled substance called a cigarette. Explaining to you the opinions that both worlds hold can and is a challenge. People hold the opinion of diseases, harm to the environment, and the ultimate prejudice. To get the ball rolling, does that little stick give a disease? Proven against the cigarette, it contains several poisonous substances. To include nicotine, tar, carbon monoxide, arsenic, etc. Which by themselves are proven to be deadly when ingested. They try to say that if you smoke you will die a horrible death, which in all cases is not true. Not everybody dies from a disease they could contract from cigarettes. About 70,000 people live to see their 85th birthdays, and all of those in turn are smokers. But, lets turn that scenario around, 440,000 deaths occur each year because of cigarettes. So is the glass half full or is it half-empty? Secondly, Does that little cancer stick cause harm to our environment? From a recent Environmental Protection Agency study they classified that second hand smoke was a carcinogen. A carcinogen is a cancerous substance in the air. But they failed to mention the studies that showed that there was no harm to the environment caused from smoking cigarettes. In favor of Pro-smokers, another study showed that there was no harm from ground zero. (September 11th) The smoke was filled with fumes a…

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