Smoking companies should be sued. (a negative speech Grade 9

Good evening chairperson ladies and gentlemen, Before I Begin the negative teams argument. I would like to address some of the misleading statements made by the affirmative team. The Negative team agrees/disagrees with the definition made by the affirmative team We disagree with the definition laid out by the affirmative team; we would like to redefine the following words. Cigarette, company, sued. Cigarette: A slender roll of cut tobacco enclosed in paper and meant to be smoked Company: An association of persons for carrying on a commercial or industrial enterprise Sued: to seek justice or right from (a person) by legal process Our theme for this evening’s debate is if people choose to partake in any activity or habit, which is obviously risky, they should not have the right to sue. Individuals should be held liable for the choices they make. The negative team believes that our theme is an apt one because it is not the responsibility of the cigarette companies but the choices made by the individuals. Our split for tonight is economic and social views, which leads me to my first point. On average a packet of cigarettes cost $10.00, and $6.50 of that is tax, which goes to the government. Last year Australia sold Thirty five million packets of cigarettes, That means that Two hundred and twenty seven million five hundred thousand dollars is injected in to the Australian economy this money not only pays for the health system but also our public schools and our infrastructure. If smoking companies are sued it may lead to chapter eleven bankruptcy, this would mean that all of the money that would be injected to the Australian economy would now be non-existent. The consequences would be that taxes across the board would be raised by an additional 5%, to make up for the loss. This year’s budget was announced last night and there was a major surplus even with a drought a war and an epidemic this was said to hav…

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