Slaughter House 5 is a good book.

Slaughter House 5 is a good book. It has changed many people’s lives because of the way Kurt Vonnegut wrote the book about time occurs all at once and that everything is meant to be. I use to think this myself because I always thought things happen just because they do and there are no reasons to it. After this book, it confirmed my decision because it sounded true thanks to the story. Although it may be true, it hasn’t changed my life because the thought came to my mine before so it’s nothing new or special to me. Billy Pilgrim was my favorite character in the book, well obviously, but my reasons are different. Many people like him because he survived, time travel, helpful, and many other reasons. The reason I like him is because he’s a dull person. I might seem interesting when it comes to a point where I am feeling happy, then I might be funny, but in person, I am the emotionless type that never feels. People tell me their problems but I would never have a solution to it and I will never give them a solution either even if I had one. It’s so easy to pretend to be clueless about a certain situation because it would keep people from coming back. Billy expressed his emotions this way and that’s why no one really knows he exist and this is the type of person I want to be but also to be known by others, just not coming back to me for more answers….

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