Skills to understand some aspects of accounting.

By working in Human Resources and Payroll , I learned and developed skills to understand some aspects of accounting. I’ve learned and understand general accounting activities, including preparation and entry of various journal entries into the accounting system, including payroll, cash receipts, and month-end related accounting transactions. I understand I handle confidential employee information and I’m responsible for processing payroll with 100% accuracy. I’ve learned to prepare various general ledger accounts, bank reconciliation, and assistance with preparation of tax return, audit and various other supporting schedules. I’ve learned to assist with the preparation of W-2s and 1099 miscellaneous forms. I learned that working in human resource department I review and verify information related to new hires, terminations, salary adjustments, changed to employee’s address, federal and state withholdings, 401K contributions, direct deposits, and all other deductions. I’ve learned to collect employee timesheets, confirming mathematical accuracy, verifying usage of correct leave codes in accordance with pay policies and calculating batch totals of regular, OT and leave hours prior to input into the payroll system. I’ve learned to calculate vacation payoffs. I’ve learned to prepare journal entries to record the payroll in the general ledger. I’ve learned to be responsible for maintain accurate accounting in the general ledger for all funds and deposited into our accounts and to perform periodic reconciliation’s between detailed tracking schedules and payable accounts. I’ve learned to make timely updates to the fixed assets system including researching and analyzing all entries made to the capital accounts and booking monthly depreciation. Working in human resources and payroll does have its advantages you learn many different tasks and responsibility. …

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