Since the beginning of time, human being’s have taken advantage of the oceans by using them as a dumping ground.

Since the beginning of time, human being’s have taken advantage of the oceans by using them as a dumping ground. Soda bottles, food wastes, plastic pellets, old tires, fishing equipment, and many other types of debris are dumped into the oceans. This senseless act is killing innocent sea animals at an alarming rate. In addition to harmless marine creatures dying off, our drinking water has become greatly affected as is our ability to use water for recreational purposes. In order to combat water pollution, we must understand the problems, how it affects the ocean, and become part of the solution. Water pollution is any chemical, physical or biological change in the quality of water that has a harmful effect on any living thing that drinks, uses or lives in it (“Water”?”). There are several categories of water pollutants. The most damaging and most numerous of all are plastics. The problem occurs when we no longer need these items and we dispose of them especially the throwaway material used in wrapping or packaging. Plastic does not promptly break down in nature. Which means, the plastics that are tossed in the ocean today may still be around hundreds of years from now causing immense harm. It requires high ultra-violent lights in order for it to decay. One survey in the North Pacific found that 86% of the floating trash was plastics (“Threatened”?” 40). However, the amount of plastic wastes found in our oceans is steadily increases. This plastic can affect marine life in two significant ways: by entangling creatures, and by fooling the predator into thinking that it is food. For example, a plastic bag looks like a jellyfish to a sea turtle. However, if consumed by the sea turtle, it could choke or it could cause a serious infection internally. Below is a picture illustrating what a six-pack ring (used to hold beverages) thrown into the ocean can do: ‹¨¬ (“Plastic”?”) In 1992, a group i…

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