Should the deliberate cloning of human to be used as research tools be allowed?

HUMAN AWARENESS ESSAY Should the deliberate cloning of human to be used as research tools be allowed? Introduction Cloning is basically the use of technology to make an exact genetic copy of a living organism. This might be copying just one cell, gene, segment of DNA or it could be a whole animal. For the process of cloning both sets of genes come from one “parent’ therefore it is asexual reproduction. The offspring produced from cloning technology has the same makeup as its original parent which means offspring is almost exactly the parent’s twin. This cloning is possible via either “”embryo splitting” or “”nuclear transfer”. Embryo splitting involves the intended separation of an early human embryo into two or more parts. These stem cells which are the cells that have the ability to divide for indefinite periods in culture and to give rise to specialized cells, have the amazing potential of being able to generate every cell type in the body as they eventually give rise to the complete organism. Due to this amazing potential of human embryo and the technology available, scientists are thinking of curing man disease or even cloning the organ for transplantation. But human embryo cloning has been a controversial topic because of the ethical, scientific, religious and global dilemmas surrounding it. Biological Background The technique that makes cloning possible is nuclear transfer. It was first explored in the 1920s by Hans Spemann for the purpose of conducting genetics research, the study of heredity and genes in living organisms. It is still used in cloning laboratory around the world, and every cloning experiment involving adult mammals has applied it. Another similar technique is dubbed “twinning”, it is used as well, but it should not be confused with cloning and nuclear transfer, because it is simply the act of splitting the cells of a young embryo. It is basically the same idea as having…

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