sex marriage

1. Even though SSM is Legal everywhere in the US due to the Supreme Court ruling last year, I would like you to go to the ACLU website and do a search to see which states Legalized it before that ruling and when (the date they passed the first laws in their state). You will have more than the few boxes on the page, so use the back of the page, or type these so you can include all of them (there should be about 36). 2. When answering the question about what is at “stake” in these marriages, give me at least 3 issues that go beyond religious arguments. The discussion about SSM usually focuses on the religious objections to these marriages; I want you to see what the other side says these marriages are about (so give economic, political, etc. issues such as those surrounding adoption, money issues, Legal issues related to spouses, etc.). Use the ACLU website to get this information. Please do not use other sites as they often have misinformation that you don’t want to include. This answer should be a full paragraph of 4-5 sentences with good content to help you earn as many points as possible. Please know that I am not telling you that you need to agree with SSM or disagree with it, this exercise is purely about learning what the issues are, not what your opinions or beliefs should be.

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