Seeds of Change was a movie about different century and times in history

In the following paper this person will be discussing the movie entitled “Seeds of Change”. This was a movie about different century and times in history. Also it consist political, economic and social changes that took place as he entered the 20 Century. The 20th century touched everyone. Celebrations were held for people who lived through the depression. School teachers told them to learn everything that they could. The coffee shops were for the white people only. Many men at this time left for World War 2. This was also referred to the killing century. 1900 central southern Europe millions were trapped into living miserable lives. Peasants were the lower class, did not get paid for what they did. America was also referred to as the place of opportunity. Many people came over to America to poseur a new life. 1900-1914 was the greatest free migration period. By the 1900 the United States lead in the industry field. Americans begin to live longer and the oldest dream dreams that became true. Cars were also invented in the 1900s. At this time the two million of the workers were as young as four years old. As many people reached the New York Harbor it gave them hope and a great feeling because they knew they were going to be free. Furthermore, this was a very interesting movie to discus. This person has learned a lot of new things that she already new but did not understand. From this movie many of the events that happen in the different times will be remember. …

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