Science experiment

DAY 1 Bought two geraniums and set them on plastic plates in a location were they would receive an equal amount of sunlight.???ú Went to freshwater pond and collected ???¬ cup of water from its photic zone. Collected ???¬ cup of faucet water from kitchen.???ú Watered both plants according to what kind of water they had been assigned to.???ú Photographed flowers and noted flower differences.???ú DAY 2???ú Collect ???¬ cup of both waters. ???ú Water both plants accordingly.???ú Photographed plants???ú Noted that plant being watered with faucet water had new buds beginning to bloom while pond water plant was losing petals.???ú Research and find that flower differences could be caused due to the fact that the pond contains pollutants from parking lot runoff. ???ú DAY 3???ú Once more collect ???¬ cup of both waters. ???ú Water each plant accordingly.???ú Photographed plants???ú Noted that faucet water plant continued to flourish though one of its leaves is slightly yellow around the edge. Also, not only was pond water plant losing more petals, but instead of going pale, like hypothesized it obtained brown spots on its petals.???ú Researched and found that further deterioration of pond water plant may have been worsened by the fact that pollutant levels are more concentrated at the photic zone because the water near the edge of the shore hasn’t had as much of a chance to filter out harmful substances.???ú DAY 4???ú Collect ???¬ cup of each water???ú Water each plant accordingly???ú Photographed plants???ú Noted that faucet plant kept thriving and had not changed color over the course of the four days. Also noted that petal loss and brown discoloration of pond water plant continued at a rapid pace although it had received a new blossom. (Feel really bad for knowingly injuring a plant.) Our hypothesis was proven wrong as the water did not make the petals pale but rather turned them brown. Both plants were transplanted into a cozy garden and will live peacefully among their peers for ev…

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