Sainsbury?s in Egypt

Module learning outcomes being assessed Identify and employ appropriate strategic frame works to evaluate the structures of global trade and international business. Critically evaluate the impact of socio-economic, political and Legal environments on international business. Explain and assess the operational strategies used in international business and the importance of these strategies in global business development. Analyse the differences between domestic and global business operations. Page 2 of 7 Assignment Information This assignment requires you to write a 1750 word original essay / report critically evaluating Sainsbury?s in Egypt using the key frameworks of Global Business. Case Study: Sainsbury?s in Egypt Frameworks: Resource based view and institution based view Trade theories (Legal, political, cultural, economic). FDI (greenfield, JVs, Franchising), Strategy You can use diagrams to explain frameworks. Guidelines: Use theories and frameworks of International Business as an analytic tool to explain Sainsbury?s policies in Egypt. The case study for the coursework is available on Moodle. Please make sure you submit via Turn it in.

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