Rule by One: Autocracy

In an autocracy, th power and authority of the government are in the hands of a single person, sometinmes referred to as an autocrat. In ancient times, autocracy was on of the most common forms of government, and it still exists in some parts of the world. Autocrats usually obtained their power either by inheriting it or by using force. Monarchy is one of the forms of autocracy. Is a type of government controlled by a king, queen, emperor, empress, tsar, or tsarina. The monarch, who usually acquires his or her power through inheritance, is the highest authority in the government. Historically, most monarchies have been absolute monarchies,in which rulers held complete and unlimited power as a matter of divine right. The divine right theory held that God gave those of royal birth the unlimited right to govern other men and women. Autocracy can also take the form of Dictatorship, in which a single leader rules, although not through inheritance. Dictatorships are authoritarian, meaning the dictator has abosule power and is not subject to constitutional limitations. He of she is also not responsible to citizens or to their elected representatives. Changes in leadership can only come about by voluntary resignation, death, or forcible overthrow. Dictatorships can also be totalitarian, which means the leader seeks to control almost aspects of socila and economoc life. The needs of the nation come before the needs individuals, and all citizens must work for the common goals established by the government….

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