Romeo Must Die Critiscism

Action-packed, witty, sophisticated, interesting, riveting- these are just a few of the words that can be used to describe Romeo Must Die, a gripping film directed by mastermind Andrzej Bartkowiak. This superb film features an all-star line of actors, including the beautiful Aaliyah Haughton, the talented Jet Li, DMX, Anthony Anderson, Delroy Lindo, Russell Wong, Isaiah Washington, Edoardo Ballerini and Henry O. Aaliyah plays the part of Trish, the daughter of Isaak O’Day (Lindo). Jet Li is Han Sing, the eldest son of Ch’u Sing (Henry O). DMX is a club owner, named Silk. Anthony Anderson plays the part of one of Isaak O’Day’s business partners, as well as Trish’s bodyguard. Isaiah Washington plays Mac, another business partner of O’Day. Russell Wong plays the role of Kai, a business partner of Ch’u Sing. Edoardo Ballerini plays Vincent Roth, a cunning businessman with no ties to either of the family, with the exception of a mutual interest in money. Set in the year 2000, the majority of this film occurs at the Oakland- San Francisco waterfront, an area that contains properties that are of extreme value. A small part takes place in Hong Kong. The setting of the waterfront is greatly important to the film, as the main conflict concerns it’s properties. The main characters in this movie are Trish O’Day, Han Sing, Kai, Ch’u Sing, Mac, Vincent Roth and Isaak O’Day. Isaak O’Day and Ch’u Sing are the heads of two feuding families, and are also major players in a business deal concerning waterfront properties, which are to be turned into a major moneymaking stadium. The O’Day’s are African- American, and the Sing’s are Chinese. Issak O’Day, though he appears tough, seems to be soft at heart, especially when it concerns his daughter Trish. Delroy Lindo does an excellent job of showing both sides of Mr. O’Day’s character. You can tell just by looking at him, how deeply he loves his daughter, but you can a…

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