Romance Novel Book Paper

Romance Novel: Nora Roberts’ Key of Light. ISBN 9780515136289 Text Book: THINK MARRIAGES & FAMILIES Kunz 2013, ISBN 978-0-205-18261-9 Directions for the book club paper: After reading the assigned romance novel, students will need to choose 5 concepts (bolded terms or theories) from their textbooks and relate those concepts to what they’ve read in the romance novel. For example, a student could relate traditional masculinity, gender norms, Sternberg’s theory of love, gender differences in love, and the eros style of love to the romance novel. In order to earn top points, students must first clearly identify the concept they will be discussing, then define it (this should be cited), and then finally apply how that concept is present in the romance novel. For example, if you chose traditional masculinity, you would list and define how your textbook defines traditional masculinity (and cite the textbook!). Then, you would describe how the character in the book displays the characteristics of masculinity in his actions, behaviors, and/or looks. You may also include ways the character does not display traditional masculinity. Be sure to provide clear and specific examples to strengthen your paper.

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