Richard Branson (Virgin) announced that he would allow his staff at Head Office to take unlimited holidays to increase productivity at his business. Evaluate the extent to which you consider this to a good motivation method.

1500 word (+-10%) 20 or more citations are needed. Citations need to include the authors first name, date of publication, and page number. PLEASE FOLLOW THE WORD DOCUMENT GUIDE AND THE POWERPOINT PRESENTATION SLIDE GUIDE UPLOADED IN THE ADDITIONAL FILES FOR THE ESSAY. Recommended Text Books Any A?level or BTEC Business text book. Marcouse, I. (2011) Business Studies for A? level. UK. Hodder Education Parsons, R. (2009) AS & A2 Business Studies for AQA. UK. CGP Ltd Surridge, M. & Gillespie, A. (2011) Business Studies. UK. Hodder Education Thompson, R. & Machin, D. (2003) AS Business Studies. UK Collins Wolinski, J & Coates, C. (2014) A2 Business Studies. UK. Philip Allan Updates. Business Review magazine ? Phillip Allan Updates.

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