For Assessment 2, you are expected to write a 5000-word dissertation reporting on the implementation of the research study that you proposed in Assessment 1. Guidelines and Additional Information ? Preparation for this assessment is done through self-directed study supported by library sessions, lecture sessions and individual sessions with your supervisor. ? You will need to a substantial amount of self-directed reading to address this report adequately. Various sources of information should be considered, such as academic journals, books, newspapers, and trade magazines. Digital libraries should also be considered as important source of information and data. ? You are required to use the Dissertation Template attached as Annexure 2 (page 6). ? Your report should be well presented and logically organized. Poor presentation will result in lower grades. ? Students are required to use the Harvard referencing style for citing references ? see Poor referencing will result in lower grades Submission deadline: Submission deadline for the final report is 11:59, 15 April 2016. The report must be submitted electronically via TurnItIn. ? Demonstrate an understanding of the research process, relevant academic literature, theoretical models and empirical data for a specific project. ? Plan and execute an academic research based project and report your findings appropriately deploying a range of skills of written expression appropriate to the subject, demonstrating critical understanding of your selected pathway 5000 words

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