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This week, you have learned how to use regression in research study. In this Application, you will perform a multiple regression analysis. To prepare for this Application: Review Chapter 8 of the Field text for a description of the simple regression and an example of conducting a simple regression using PASW.Review Chapter 5 from the APA manual, Displaying Results.  Review the media resources demonstrating the multiple regression..The assignment: Complete Smart Alex s Task #4 on p. 355 to perform a multiple regression analysis using the Supermodel.sav dataset from the Field text. You can follow the steps outlined on pp. 316 320 as a guide. Report your findings in APA format according to the guidelines in the PASW Application Assignment Guidelines handout. The final document should be 2 3 pages long. SPSS Data files for Application Assignments AttachmentI ve received several notes from students indicating that they are not able to locate the data for the Week 4 Application Assignment (the TurorMarks.sav file). As noted in the syllabus: The Datasets are available from As noted in the Week 3 Resource Page: The Datasets are available from As noted in the Week 4 Resource Page: The Datasets are available from And within the textbook, Andy Field tells you how to access the data files from the companion website:

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